Financial Matters


If the fee or any other charges remain unpaid till 30th of the earmarked month, 20% surcharge will be added on monthly basis. GHQ reserves the right to withdraw a cadet owing to nonpayment of dues.
Bond / Training Charges
1.      The parents applying for admission to the College for their wards will automatically mean that they pledge to abide by all terms and conditions given in the prospectus or subsequently issued by the College
2.       It is obligatory for all the cadets to apply for commission in Pakistan Army. They will appear in ISSB at the end of their tenure at the College. In case of discovery of intentional attempt to fail in ISSB, the candidate will have to pay the entire training charges and may warrant retention of character certificate. HSSC certificates are retained by the college and a student is not allowed to take admission in any other institution till the time he is twice rejected by the ISSB.
3.      Following cadets will be required to pay training and penalty charges, as per rates in vogue at the time of the incident:-
a.      Those unwilling to join Pakistan Army after passing intermediate examination.
b.      Those who do not wish to continue studies at MCS on any account, may it be domestic problems or else.
c.       Those who are withdrawn on disciplinary or academic grounds on the recommendation of the College.
4.      No cadet will be awarded the original Certificates / photo copy unless he does not appear twice before ISSB / in preliminary selection process. 

Financial Support / Scholorships

Military College Sui is endeavouring to provide the best academic and state of the art facilities and conducive environment at the campus. As the majority of the Baloch Cadets belongs to weak socio-economic, education and cultural background, they are even unable to bear the bare minimum charges of the college. The college authorities have already provided maximum relief to the most deserving and talented cadets in the shape of fee concession, scholarships and cash prizes. However, it was desperately felt that stake holders of the area and formation commanders may also be contacted to sponsor deserving cadets to share the economic burden of the cadets. For this noble cause, Commandant Military College Sui took personal interest and visited certain formation commanders, who agreed to pay the quarterly fee of the selected cadets.