Commandant’s Message

I sincerely feel there is no greater calling than to educate and groom the youth of Balochistan; the biggest building block of Pakistan. By the grace of Allah Almighty, the mission of Military College Sui to bring the under developed youth of Balochistan at par with the youth of other provinces and regions of the country is being achieved at an accelerated pace.
The education and training imparted to the cadets of Military College Sui conform to our national ideals and obligations. Dedicated efforts are being made to bring along the desired personality traits among the cadets so that they become good citizens and contribute towards national integration and progress.
The College has uprightly begun its journey to nurture, nourish and shape the cadets into a host of well-shaped individuals who are self-reliant, self-sufficient and conscientious citizens, formulating a balanced society. One of our core beliefs about academic accomplishment is that hard work, resolve and unwavering efforts are key essentials in achieving success.
All of the above are only possible within an unyielding but fair code of discipline. We are fortunate enough to have, highly devoted teaching and administrative workforce here to ensure the best learning environment for our students. Whereas the college is barely nine years old, our Intermediate and Secondary Education Board results place us at the top amongst the colleges of Balohistan and top few at the National Level.
The voyage for excellence continues, and we are striving to fulfill the earnest dream of the nation; compensating for the protracted neglect of Balochistan’s talented populace, thus integrating the nation. Your moral support and sincerest prayers are a source of strength for us. May Allah be with us in all our endavours. Ameen!