College Re-Opening Schedule

  1. College will be re-opened as per following schedule:-
    • Class 1st Year and 2nd Year      –   15 September 2020
    • Class 9th and 10th                       –   23 September 2020
    • Class 8th (New Entry)                –   3 October 2020
  2. Parents are requested to ensure the following precautionary measures before sending their wards to college in the context of COVID-19:-
    • Hand sanitizer (Minimum 1 Litre)
    • Surgical Masks (20)
    • Disposable Gloves (5)
    • High C 1000 Vitamin C Sychet (20)
    • Washable Handkerchief
    • Warm Clothers
    • Cadets’ haircut will be done in the college.
  3. Worthy parents should discuss with College Administration/House Masters before sending their wards to college if he has high grade fever, cough, flu and respiratory difficulty or contact history with the positive COVID-19 case.
  4. Cadets’ should wear masks while coming to college and avoid close gathering.
  5. Parents should educate and encourage their wards regarding precautionary measures like hand washing, social distancing and using face masks.
  6. Cadets should not travel in over crowded vehicles.
  7. Parents are also requested to clear outstanding dues of their wards before college opens.

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