Cadets’ Café

Cadets’ Café at Military College Sui provides a much-needed spot for the cadets to carry out their agreeable residual activities. In their leisure time cadets get out of the college busy routine mostly spend their time in the cafe. Cadets’ Café provides cadets a cosy environment for light refreshment. The café offers delicious edibles along with the facility of a snooker room for the cadets.

Cadets’ Gym

Education means to create a sound mind in sound body and to cater for the need of having a sound body, MCSB provides a well furnished gym facility to its cadets where they transform their body under the guidance of expert trainers. Cadets’ gym contains almost all the modern equipment and items.

Cadets’ Houses

There are four houses for the senior section and one house for the junior section. The senior houses include Jinnah House, Haider House, Sher Shah House, and Liaqat House while the junior house is Iqbal House where cadets of class 8th are accommodated. All the houses have the same facilities like spacious dorms, library, anteroom, and snooker room

Cadets’ Mess

Mess manners along with hygienic food is the indispensable part of any military institution. Cadets’ Mess of MCSB provides scrumptious food along with the opportunities to learn officers like qualities and mess manners. The cadets’ mess has one big hall for the senior classes and two separate halls for the junior classes.

College Mosque

MCSB College mosque is amongst one of the most significant buildings of the college. The mosque has recently been renovated and has been charged with new air conditioning system. It has an enormous charisma to accommodate more than one thousand worshippers.

Barber Shop

A barber shop with best equipment has been set in MCSB. Here a team of four to five professional barbers facilitate both the officers and the cadets for their stylistic hair grooming. It also consists of an up to date air conditioning and multimedia system.

College Hospital

MCSB College Hospital (CH) is amongst one of the most significant buildings of the college. It caters all the modern day-to-day medical needs of the cadets, officers and other staffs. The college hospital is well equipped with developed surgical and medical tools, a well maintained intensive care unit, fully stuffed medical pharmacy and an ever ready heatstroke room. College Hospital is mainly supervised by a medical officer and other competent military and civil nursing staffs.

Iqbal Cadets’ Mess

The new cadets’ mess comprises two spacious halls, two modern kitchens, a distinguished ante hall, a well-stocked store and new sets of washrooms. It can accommodate 90 to 100 Cadets at a time in a more personalized and comfortable atmosphere. The two dinning halls are designed to accommodate A and B Wings of Iqbal House. The halls offer cozy seating and a relaxed environment for meals. The state-of-the-art ante room and nicely maintained kitchens add a touch of sophistication and hygienic condition to the new cadets’ mess. As the institution continues to prioritize the holistic development of its cadets, the Iqbal House Cadet Mess stands as a testament to College’s dedication to excellence. It has also reduced cadets meal strength in the main mess as now main cadets mess has to accommodate 350 to 360 cadets instead of entire 450 strength.