Military College Sui Balochistan (MCSB) was inaugurated by the Chief of Army Staff General Asfaq Parvez Kayani, NI (M) on 03 Jan 2011. The aim of the institution is to train, groom and prepare the cadets for the future leadership of Pakistan Army. For more than a decade, continuous efforts have been made to make MCSB the best educational institution. Presently, the college accommodates 450 cadets from grade VIII to XII who are known as ”Bolanians”.
MCSB ensures to bring the best versions out of its cadets’ personalities. Therefore, it focuses on various aspects of life. Bolanians have physical tests and sports classes on daily basis for keep them in good physical shape. In addition, the college pays special attention to make its cadets academically sound. They study from the best instructors in classes and labs equipped with state of the art technology. Furthermore, all the officers like qualities such as mess manners, dressing sense and high moral values are inculcated in the future leaders of Pakistan Army.
MCSB has a proud legacy of sending 50% of its passing out cadets to PMA. Having being groomed and trained in the best possible way, Bolanians stand out of the crowd even in PMA. A recent example is Lt Usman Anwar of 144 PMA LC who secured the sword of honor and made its alma mater proud. In addition, there are numerous alumni who have distinguished themselves from the ordinary by securing awards and paved their way to foreign military academies. With the untiring efforts of MCSB, we believe that bolanians will bring more successes in the future and make their alma mater proud.