Computer Club

Computer club of MCSB aims at making the cadets well-informed about computer sciences  and new technology. The club also focuses on basics of programming  and the basics software development in order to familiarize the cadets with various applications related to software and hardware of computer. The club also holds workshops, seminars and webinars to achieve the set objectives. 

Chemistry Club

Chemistry club of MCSB aims to create a fun and safe environment for cadets to nurture and explore their passion of chemistry. The club focuses on small scale experiments through which cadets are familiarized with lab skills in order to carry out projects like preparation of soaps, hand sanitizers, extraction of essential oil and volcanic models.

Physics Club

Physics club of MCSB provides an encouraging learning environment to cadets for developing a better understanding of the laws of nature through scientific experiments and exhibitions of practical models. The club also gives prominence to cadets’ scientific skills of innovation like making color sensor, field water filtration plant, burglar alarm and mobile charger etc. 

Painting & Calligraphy Club

Painting & calligraphy club of MCSB allows cadets to cherish their artistic side of decorative writing and painting. In the club, through regular weekly sessions and workshops, participating cadets are taught hand-lettering, print, and brush calligraphy in a variety of languages such as English, Urdu and Arabic.

The Literary Club

The literary club of Military College Sui Balochistan gives a flair to creative aptitude of member cadets helping them develop a rigorous reading habit, eloquence in speech and excellence in writing.  The club holds various activities ranging from reading and writing sessions to speech competitions and group discussions.

Drama club

Drama club provides opportunities to club members to participate in different activities like singing, dancing, acting, and conducting national day functions i.e. 14 August, 23 March, Defense Day, Kashmir Day, Quaid’s Day, Iqbal Day and Baloch Cultural Day etc. The club conducts weekly activities to nurture cadets’ creative abilities of performing arts.