Photography Club

Photography club of MCSB develops artistic and technical skills in the cadets required to excel as a successful photographer. The club helps the cadets to capture all the major events held at MCSB for pictorial record of the college website.

Astronomy Club

Astronomy club of MCSB, after equipping itself with Gskyer Refractor (80-900mm) telescope, aims to inculcate  in the cadets the valuable habit of exploring celestial objects. The club makes cadets fulfil their desires to hunt Nearest Earth Object (NEOs) and other celestial bodies dispersed in the inconceivably boundless cosmos.

Gymnastics Club

Gymnastics club of MCSB is designed to improve physical endurance of the cadets by teaching them tactful and uncanny skills. The club focuses on various exercise like arch ups, dive roles and hand head spring as to improve their physical agility along with mental sharpness. Members of gymnastics club get the opportunity to show their immaculate tricks and physical abilities on annual parents day.

Karate Club

Karate club of MCSB is devoted to nourish the physical and mental capabilities of cadets. Karate club teaches a form of martial arts to cadets through different techniques like strike evasions, throws, and joint manipulation where cadets primarily focus on self-defense techniques.

Archery Club

Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. The word comes from the latin arcus, meaning bow. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. Archery is a traditional shooting sport that involves shooting arrows with a bow at targets. The main objective of archery is to hit the target with arrows and score as many points as possible.

Scouting Club