About Us

1.   Location

Military College Sui is located at Sui, District Dera Bugti of Balochistan Province, Pakistan. By road, Sui can be accessed via Rahim Yar Khan-Kashmore route on National Highway. Another route that leads to Sui via Kashmore is Indus Highway. Both Rahim Yar Khan and Kashmore can be reached using Daewoo Bus Service in addition to many other bus srvices. Kashmore is located near tri-junctional border of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan which is about 50 kms away from Sui. These routes are indicated on the map below:-  


Sui can also be reached by air, using Rahim Yar Khan airport. From Rahim Yar Khan to Sui is the same route indicated above.

2.   Climate

Weather remains very pleasent from september to april. These seven months (september-april) are immensly important to the students, as mojor academic activity, including final board exams, takes place in the same time period. However, a brief summer season with high temperatures is observed. The College remains closed for summer vacations from June-mid August.

3.   Why Military College Sui?

a.   Military College Sui is one of the three Military Colleges patronized by Pakistan Army. 80% cadets of Military Colleges are selected at ISSB and join Pakistan Military Acadamy (PMA), thus pursuing a prosporous future in Pakistan Army as an Officer.

b.  The cadets at Military College Sui spend five years at the College and pass through a comprehensive and time tested training program that enables them to develop thier personality in multiple dimensions. Special focus is laid on intellectual and physical growth of the cadets, converting them from kids to refined and confident young men.

c.   Most experienced and qualified faculty of Army Education Corps is responsible for grooming of the cadets.

d.   Expenses at Military Collage Sui are very low as compared to the Cadet Colleges based on the same model.