The Campus Life

a. Cadet Houses

The cadets are inducted into junior house i.e. Iqbal House. After passing 8th class, these junior cadets are distributed amongst three senior houses namely Sher Shah House, Haider House and Jinnah House. The affairs of each House are managed by a Housemaster, an experienced member of Faculty, who oversees all cadet matters, guides their conduct on all occasions and makes ground for development of personality in line with the College policy.

b. Co-Curricular Activities

To groom the cadets as per the requirements of PMA, different types of indoor and outdoor activities and competitions are carried out in the college.  Such competitions are meant to generate healthy activity and winning is the recipe of “Morale”. Cadets at military colleges display exceptionally well in organizing and conducting the events like Debate, Declamation, Naat, Qiraat and Essay Writing Competitions etc.

c. Sports

Sufficient number of well-kept playgrounds for hockey, football, cricket, athletics and courts for basketball, squash and tennis are available. Facilities are also provided for judo-karate, gymnastics and a number of indoor games while swimming is going to be planned in near future. In addition, regular PT and games continue most part of the year as an essential segment of general training. On entry to the College section, cadets take on higher physical platform and regularly undergo assault course practice. Besides regular sports activities at the campus, sports fixtures are also arranged where college teams participate in various sports competitions with MCJ and MCM on annual basis.

d. Awards    

Various awards have been instituted to encourage the cadets to put in concerted efforts and hard work in all dimensions of their training. High achievers at the end of every academic session are duly awarded with prizes and merit certificates. In addition, distinctive performance in various co-curricular and sports fields are also rewarded through medals and prizes. Following medals, being the most coveted, merit a mention:-

(1) CJCSC Gold Medal

Awarded for outstanding performance in academics / co- curricular / sports to the best overall cadet.

(2) Silver Medal

Awarded to 2nd Position Holders in academics / co- curricular / sports.

(3) Bronze Medal

Awarded to 3rd Position Holders in academics / co-curricular / sports.

e.   Uniform.

College uniform is:-   

(1)  Summer:   Open Collar       (White Shirt and Grey Trousers)

(2)  Winter:       Closed Collar    (With College Jersey / Blazer)

(3)  Ceremonial. Khaki Uniform. Selected Cadets only for Guards of Honour, wreath lying, and competitions abroad in foreign countries.

f.  Vacation

 Vacation schedule is as follows:-

(1)  Winter Break (07 Days):                 Jan

(2)  Spring Break (07Days):                  Feb / Mar (Subject to exams)

(3)  Summer Vacation (12 Weeks):      (25 May-15 August)

(4)  Eid / Muharram Holidays subject to appearance of the moon.