Officers' Gym

A sound body with a sound mind is the essence of a balanced and happy life. MCSB strives to provides facilities to build a sound body for a sound mind, and officers’ gym is the the epitome of such facilities. Officers’ gym is laced with all the necessary equipment required to build and maintain a strong and fit body.

Squash Courts

The squash courts, a result of recent renovations, allow officers and their wards to enjoy the taste of squash game. Both the squash courts have spectators’ gallery with a collective seating capacity of 60 individuals.

Swimming Pool

MCSB has provided its officers, their families and cadets with a luxurious swimming pool. Swimming is one of the most important skills of an officer of Pakistan Army, therefore, MCSB ensures to equip its cadets with it. For officers, the swimming pool serves as a refreshing point. The water is regularly filtered and replaced when needed.