Basketball Court

To keep the cadets healthy, the college pays special attention to the physical activities of the cadets. With this aim in consideration, the college has facilitated its cadets with different sports arenas; basketball court is one of them. It is where they can regularly hone their basketball skills and exhibit them in competitions.

Volleyball Court

MCSB is providing Cadets all the platforms where they can learn and practice their favourite games. Volleyball is one of the most interactive games going. Volleyball court is furnished perfectly to facilitate Cadets.

Football Ground

To groom and polish football skills of cadets, MCSB has access to football ground where Cadets have training sessions to improve their game.

Handball Court

Handball, like any other sports,  demands meticulous preparation, encompassing not only the players’ physical condition but also ensuring a suitable playing field and the provision of essential accessories.

Badminton Courts

Badminton is a fantastic sports for fitness that is suitable for people of all ages and it provides an excellent option for those looking to explore something new to cultivate expertise in this sports among Cadets, MCSB provides all the necessary equipment and well furnished court for practice.

Cricket Grounds

MCSB is fully dedicated to raising standards across all aspects of sports, with a particular focus on ensuring top quality playing surfaces at all our grounds. Cricket stands as the most beloved sports among Pakistanis, deeply ingrained in the culture. To cater this passion, the college has provided its cadets with luxurious cricket grounds where they can enjoy this beloved game.

Tennis Court

MCSB is committed to elevating the sporting experience of its cadets. With a focus on excellence, we provide them with state of the arts facilities, including a luxurious tennis court, where they can fully enjoy and excel in the game.

Table Tennis

At MCSB, we provide Cadets with exceptional athletic environment, with a strong commitment to excellence, we offer top notch facilities, including a deluxe table tennis court, where they can fully immerse themselves in and excel at the same.