Academic Block

College Academic Block was inaugurated by Major General Tahir Gulzar Malik HI(M) ,Director General Human Resource Development on 29 March 2022. It acts as the center for all the academic and curricular activities carried out in the college. The college academic block houses the office of the Senior Instructor, Group Head (Science), Group Head (Arts), faculty offices, classrooms, labs, library, arts studio and Moeed Hall.


MCSB provides state of the art library in the newly built academic block which offers a collection of 2700 books, several periodicals, newspapers and magazines reflecting on a wide range of topics redeemed lucrative in modern education. Cadets gather energy in the cosy environment of the library as to fuel their imagination which can help them remove their doubts. The library caters for all the scholastic needs of the cadets.

Physics Lab

MCSB provides encouraging learning environment to cadets through newly established physics lab where they enthusiastically exhibit high level of skills in developing working models along with the conduct of various experiments.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab provides hand on practice to the cadets for the smooth conduct of various subject related experiments. The lab contains all the important items necessary for any standardized chemistry lab.

Language Lab

The significance of confidence and eloquence has been an undeniable fact in every age for students striving to have a better and dignified life. Hence, the Language Lab MCSB provides a platform for cadets to get their communication skills polished in the most confident fashion.

Computer Lab

In modern times, the herald of technologies like internet-of-things (IOT) and big data marks greater significance of computers in daily life. New inventions are aspiring young cadets to explore these vistas for which MCSB has established computer lab laced with latest computers so to provide platform to IT loving cadets.

Exam Hall

Exam hall was constructed owing to modern needs of examination process and was inaugurated by Brigadier Wasim Qasir, Commandant MCSB in 2022. The exam hall fulfils the need of proper space and environment for internal and board exams as the hall has seating capacity of 120 individuals.

Moeed Hall

The newly established academic block contains in itself a magnificent hall, Mooed Hall, having a seating capacity of 500 people. The hall with its splendor and latest design caters for the conduct of college’s daily morning assembly and it is also utilized for staged events, conferences, drama club performances and national days celebrations.

Individual Obstacles - Semi Group Race

Physical strength with mental sharpness are harnessed at MCSB in the most outstanding fashion. The newly constructed Individual Obstacles and Semi Group Race area enables the cadets to exhibit their athletic skills and assists them in their preparation for ISSB. Individual Obstacles consists of nine different obstacles starting from ‘ditch crossing’ and ending at “rope over’.